PA Concorso Ferrari

The Penn-Jersey Region of the Ferrari Club of America is proud to present the Pennsylvania Concorso Ferrari!


Following our traditions, the PA Concorso Ferrari will use the Concours Judging Guidelines of the International Advisory Council for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile (IAC/PFA).  The overall goal of these guidelines, and the judging procedures we use, is to "promote the preservation of the Ferrari in the original state" by focusing on originality, authenticity and condition.  Here is the day’s schedule:

8:00   - Show Field opens for arrival of Ferraris
9:00   - Judging Meeting/Mercato opens/Caffè opens
10:00 - Judging Begins/All Ferraris must be on the Show Field
12:00 - Judging is completed
1:00   - Awards Banquet begins

For the participant, the process is actually quite simple:

1.  You must be a member of the Ferrari Club of America to have your Ferrari judged.  If you have not yet joined the FCA, no worries, becoming a member is quick and easy.  All you need to do is fill out the form and submit your payment.

2.  Register for the Concorso Ferrari by clicking on the following link to register your Ferrari and join us for our Awards Lunch at the Hotel Fiesole, to enjoy fine Italian cuisine inspired by the Hotel's Executive Chef, Peter Sedares.

Registration is easy, but there is one important decision you will have to make, the type of participation that interests you!

Many of you will want to have your Ferrari judged according to the FCA's IAC/PFA Guidelines.  However, this requires you to choose between two different categories for judging your Ferrari, Presentation Judging and Preservation Judging, which are equal, essentially parallel paths for determining how well you have maintained your Ferrari in the original state.

Traditional class judging, which is what most concours events have involved, actually has no specific designation, so we will be calling this "Presentation Judging" for convenience of description.  Presentation Judging involves a detailed inspection of the exterior, interior, storage areas and engine compartment to determine originality, operability and condition, and cosmetics are a necessary part of this.  Your Ferrari must be more than 5 years old to participate.

Preservation Judging involves a detailed inspection of the exterior, interior, storage areas and engine compartment to determine how closely the various components correspond to their original condition.  The objective in preservation judging is to identify those cars which come closest to the way they looked and functioned when new, and have not been restored.  Here, the focus is on originality rather than cosmetics, to identify cars which are in good working order but have not been altered or restored to make the car appear cosmetically “as new”.  Your Ferrari must be more than thirty years old to participate.

If your Ferrari is less than 5 years old, it is too new to be eligible for class judging.  However, your Ferrari will be eligible for "Futuro Classico" participation, which has been developed to encourage owners to have their Ferrari evaluated for total originality and completeness, for entry into a database which can be used to better assess the car when it does become eligible for class judging.

Or, maybe you would prefer not to have your Ferrari judged, and would rather just enjoy the show field without all the fuss of concorso preparation.  No worries.  Just select "Display Only" for your entry and you'll be right in the middle of things.

Once you've selected the type of participation you are interested in, all you need to do is register your car and show up ready to go.  Our field stewards will help you place your car on the show field, and our judges will proceed to inspect your car based on IAC/PFA Guidelines.  We've also provided a summary of the guidelines for your convenience.




Summary of the Judging Process:

For all class judging (Presentation or Preservation), your Ferrari will be judged on its own merit and will not be judged relative to other Ferraris in the same judging class, or on the show field in general.  Ferraris are only compared to one another for the selection of major award recipients, including the coveted Best in Show.

In order to judge your Ferrari on its own merit, participants will be grouped in a number of roughly similar classes, which can vary with the number of entries.  Each car starts with 100 points, and is evaluated against our IAC/PFA standards and guidelines.

For Presentation Class Judging, points are deducted from this based on a car's condition, which can result from inoperable components, damaged components which have not been correctly repaired, as well as components which have not been maintained or which have been replaced with aftermarket components.

And, yes, neatness counts for Presentation Judging!  In addition to maintaining your Ferrari in a manner consistent with its original construction you must also maintain all the cosmetics of the car in good order.  After all, that is the way it came from the factory!  However, because Ferraris were meant to be driven, the judging process does allow for "normal wear and tear" resulting from use of the car.  This is reflected in the guidelines the judges will be using to assess your Ferrari, and its various components.

For Preservation Class Judging, the components of the car are inspected to determine the extent to which each item, part, fabric, plating, or coating appears to be that which was specifically installed or applied on the car at the time of its manufacture, and points are deducted based on the number of components which have been altered or replaced, as well as the degree to which the components have been altered or replaced.  And, while cosmetics necessarily play an important part of any judging process, it is important to keep in mind that for Preservation Class Judging, emphasis on cosmetics is secondary to originality.

In each case, a final point score is tallied and awards are given to those cars which have achieved an established minimum point score. Here, it is important to note that the point score ranges established by the IAC/PFA have recently changed.  According to IAC/PFA standards, an unlimited number of Premio di Platino awards can be given for scores equal to or greater than 97 points, one Premio di Oro award can be given in each class for the next highest score received under 97 points provided that car receives a score of at least 92, and one Premio di Argento award can be given in each class for the next highest score received under 97 points provided that car receives a score of at least 87.  All cars receiving a Premio di Platino award are then eligible for the major awards, which are subjectively assessed for which car best represents the objective of a particular award.

The PA Concorso Ferrari will be judged based upon the IAC/PFA Guidelines currently in force, which means that the Concorso will proceed based on point scores of at least 97 points for Premio di Platino awards, point scores of at least 92 points for Premio di Oro awards, and point scores of at least 87 points for Premio di Argento awards.

There has been some controversy, and reluctance toward use of the current IAC/PFA standards for Regional events.  However, it is the responsibility of the Penn-Jersey Region to provide judged events which will prepare participants for national-level concours events, so it has been decided to move to the newer standards to avoid surprise, and yes, disappointment when attending other FCA judged events.  That does make it more difficult to achieve a Premio di Platino award, and to obtain the single Premio di Oro award and Premio di Argento award given for each class designation.  However, much of this should be avoidable by properly preparing your Ferrari, and yourself, for the judging process.  Here are some tips to help you maximize your experience:

1.  Choose the judging category that best fits your interests and your Ferrari.  Do you want to go through the judging process, and do you have the time needed to prepare your Ferrari for proper presentation at the Concorso?  If so, which judging option best suits your Ferrari?

If your Ferrari is more than 5 years old and the exterior, interior, storage areas and engine compartment are operable and in good cosmetic condition, whether they are original or reconditioned, your Ferrari would be appropriate for Presentation Class Judging.  If your Ferrari is more than 30 years old and the components of your car were installed or applied on the car at the time of its manufacture and were not altered or replaced, whether or not those components may have maintained their original cosmetic perfection, your Ferrari would be appropriate for Preservation Class Judging.  It is possible that your Ferrari can qualify for both types of judging.  If so, you have a choice, depending on how your Ferrari would best display its particular attributes.  Both are of equal significance, and importance.  However, you must choose one or the other.

If your Ferrari is less than 5 years old, you can participate in "Futuro Classico" and have your Ferrari evaluated for more successful participation when the car becomes eligible for future class judging.

Or, if you're looking for something a bit less time-intensive, select "Display Only" and join in the day's festivities.

2.  Prepare your Ferrari to be judged.

After all, you are participating in a judged event.  It makes sense to prepare your Ferrari to best present its particular attributes for the category of participation you have selected.  For Presentation Judging or Preservation Judging, you'll want to at least clean the car and make sure that the components of the car are operational and in an original condition to the extent possible.  For Futuro Classico, bring whatever documentation you may have on your Ferrari for inspection, to more effectively establish how the car was originally manufactured.  This is particularly important for the newer cars, which have greater variation in how they can be configured.  And, even if you are displaying your Ferrari, you still may want to clean your car to better show off its heritage and its acquired patina.

3.  Come prepared to enjoy yourself.

Not every car will receive an award, and still fewer cars will receive a major award.  And our judges will do the best they can to objectively assess your Ferrari, but they are human after all, and humans can make mistakes.  You will enjoy the day much more if you keep that in mind.  Let's face it, an award is supposed to recognize significant achievement, and has rather limited value if everyone gets one.  And even the best of cars can have an off day.  Please keep in mind that you are driving a Ferrari, so you're a winner before you leave the garage!  All Ferraris are special, from an award winner to a car that's driven for the sheer joy of it.  The goal is to have fun, meet up with some great people, celebrate our favorite marque, have a first-class lunch and check out all the town of Skippack has to offer.  It just doesn't get any better than that!